Performance Bond insurance

We are aware that performance bonds are increasingly requested by clients in relation to construction projects. Traditionally these have been required for larger-scale, commercial installations however they are now starting to be asked for in relation to smaller sized projects.

Our specialised offering allows access to these products for businesses that may struggle to obtain them via the usual mainstream routes. We understand the market, we understand our clients and we understand the challenges that everyone can face – that’s why our offering is tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of installation businesses.

What companies are our policies for?

GGFi Performance Bonds are available to all businesses and do not require prior registration with GGFi for our IBGs or other insurance services.

However, joining GGFi grants additional access to our wide range of products and services and our experienced team of insurance specialists.

Apply for Performance Bond insurance

If you require a performance bond for a project you are working on, request a quote by completing and returning our Performance Bond Application Form.   

If have any questions relating to Performance Bonds, email us at or drop us a line on 020 7645 3744.