GGFi guarantee insurance

A guarantee insurance policy – also known as an IBG (insurance backed guarantee) or warranty insurance policy – provides recourse to customers in the event a company that has provided them with a guarantee ceases to trade.

No company wants to plan for going out of business, much less discuss this possibility with its customers. Yet guarantee insurance is an important protection to be able to offer homeowners and can help differentiate a business in the eyes of potential clients.

Providing guarantee insurance policies is also a mandatory requirement when joining competent person schemes such as FENSA.

What is guarantee insurance?

A guarantee insurance policy insures the guarantee issued by a company against the risk of that company becoming insolvent.

In the event the issuing company fails during the lifetime of the guarantee, any problems or defects that would normally have been recoverable under the terms of the guarantee can instead be the subject of an insurance claim in line with policy terms.

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What trades can GGFi guarantee insurance cover?

GGFi is a leading provider of guarantee insurance to the glazing sector, including some of the industry’s biggest names, while also servicing a whole range of additional home improvement trades.

  • All forms of glazing/UPVC installation work including windows, doors, conservatories and roofline products
  • Roofing products including complete re-roofs and a specialised scheme relating to the Andura Roof-Coating system
  • Bathroom installations
  • Loft conversions
  • Concrete driveways
  • Garage doors
  • General building work

How much can I expect to pay for IBGs?

How much you pay for guarantee insurance policies can vary and will depend on the contract value of the works carried out and the type of works installed.

IBGs can start from as little as £10 plus IPT (insurance premium tax) per window/door installation.

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IBGs for competent person scheme compliance

If you wish to self-certify the compliance of your replacement window or door installations with Building Regulations in England or Wales, your company will need to join a competent person scheme such as FENSA.

All CP schemes require that members be registered with a guarantee insurance (IBG) provider. If you choose GGFi, we can provide guarantee insurance policies for your customers on an ongoing basis.

Once you are up and running as a GGFi registered business, it is a simple matter of making sure the policies are registered with us so we can send them to your clients.

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GGFi and FENSA - one submission, less admin

If you’re a FENSA Approved Installer or aiming to become one, choosing GGFi as your IBG provider means you’ll benefit from our ‘one submission’ system, designed to reduce your admin workload.

We work closely with FENSA so a single submission to them results in both the FENSA certificate and the GGFi guarantee insurance policy being automatically sent out to the homeowner at the same time. This saves you time and hassle, letting you get on with running your business.

If you want to register non-CP scheme or non-FENSA work with GGFi, our online members portal makes it easy to get the job info over to us so we can get a policy sent out to your customers.

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Commercial and bespoke guarantee insurance

Guarantee insurance policies are increasingly asked for by specifiers as part of the tender process for commercial installations, Local Authority contracts and a variety of other projects.

GGFi can quote for and provide one-off IBG policies for everything from large commercial contracts to domestic installations with a contract value considerably higher than normal.

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Deposit protection

Alongside our renowned guarantee insurance cover, GGFi can provide deposit protection for your customers, so you can assure them their deposits will be safeguarded should your company cease to trade.

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