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Terms and Conditions

  • I/we agree that GGFi Ltd, it’s insurers and insurance representatives can carry out credit reference searches (including access to the ‘full personal details’ held by the credit reference agency) on all directors, partners, proprietors and shareholders of the above applicant and any associated businesses.
  • I/we understand that any sensitive data disclosed in connection with this application will be securely held by GGFi Ltd and only shared with the insurers and insurance representatives in relation to this application and the upkeep of prospective scheme membership.
  • I/we understand that on or after the 21st of each month, GGFi will take payment via Direct Debit for GGFi insurance business accrued and invoiced for the month previous.
  • I/we will disclose, or have disclosed, all information and material facts required for this application.
  • To the best of my/our knowledge, information and belief and after due and careful enquiry, the information contained within this application is correct.
  • I am/we are not aware of any circumstances which I/we have not disclosed to you which might influence your acceptance of the risk. I/we further undertake that, should I/we become aware of any information, adverse or otherwise, in respect of this application, I/we shall immediately inform you of such information.
  • I/we will immediately inform you of all subsequent variations to the information included on this application form and will provide such amended information immediately.
  • I am duly authorised and empowered to complete this form on behalf of the applicant and I sign this declaration on its behalf.
  • I/we hereby agree to indemnify you against all actions, proceedings, claims, and demands which may be brought against you and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses of whatsoever nature which you, your insurer or your principals may suffer, incur or sustain through a breach of this declaration.
  • I/we agree to a 30 day cancellation notice to be given in writing to GGFi Ltd.
  • I/we agree to a minimum £10 + vat charge in months where no policies are purchased.
  • I/we require GGFi to provide our clients with IBG from the date of approval of this application (Normally the first of the month). If a different date is required, please contact to discuss).